Godwyn's Ascension

And so it begins...
Run bitches!!! We got a whole army on our ass!

The land of Elarin has been peaceful these last years. Perhaps way too peaceful. The King has decided that the best defence against anyone setting their sights on his land is to make his kingdom less threatening to them and more beneficial to all. The greatest part of the army has been disbanded, the weapons and armors have been locked or sold or melted and the gates of commerce opened wide. But not all wars begin by desire of conquest or greed. Some are spurred by fanaticism. The land of Vegria has recently embraced the worspip of the Spirit. The Church has power beyond what it used to and has decided to use it against a prime target. Invading Elarin. The heroes are part of an army, sent to the north of Elarin to block the passage of the invading army that has been reported to ride against it. But they were too few, too late. Instead of battling the Vegrian on the natural choke point of the mountains that border their lands they fought them in the open field and were massacred. Bands of soldiers run for their lives to escape the slaughter. Most were cut down. Some escaped. All were hunted. Our heroes among them. For 3 days they run, hiding from the enemy harassing cavalry that marched on ahead. They slept on trees or curled up in bushes and foliage. In the end of the third day they reached a village which had been abandoned. They couldn’t question why just yet. They needed rest and food. So they hid in the village’s inn and slept. In the morning they saw riders come towards them.

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